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 Robin King - Realtor in SC/NC
Robin King
Robin King– Realtor in SC/NC


Let me tell you my story.......

I’m a Carolina girl, born and raised in the South.  I attended USC where I was a cheerleader and majored in Broadcast Journalism.  I hosted radio and television shows in Orangeburg, S.C., Columbia, S.C, Pittsburgh, Pa, Hartford, Ct. and Charlotte, N.C. for 27 years.  I changed my life's plan in 2004 and headed back to school to learn to do what I love...Real Estate. My professional communication skills are now used to interview my clients and learn what they truly want, then guide them through the process of obtaining it.  I still have the passion and enthusiasm from my cheerleading days, but now I cheer for my clients.  When they’re up, I’m up, when they’re down, I lift them up, when they’re tired, I carry them across the

finish line to the closing table. I love houses! I bought my first piece of land and built my first house at the age of 21. I love Historic homes, too, and specialize in them as well as resales.  I adore the land.   I learned the value of the dirt from my father, Dick King, with our 248 acre farm he loved so much. He taught me that your home is your most cherished treasure. He built ours with his own hands and fenced in the entire 248 acre farm with a post hole digger, I still have that digger.  We lost the cattle farm we loved so much when the cattle market crashed.  I can still feel the sting of that disappointment.  It gives me empathy for those who have to sell their properties when they don’t want to, in circumstances they cannot control.  It also taught me compassion for those less fortunate.  I have a passion for supporting the charitable

organizations in my communities.  I am on the board of directors for The Haven Men’s Shelter in Rock Hill, SC and Robin King & Co. supports numerous charities including Habitat for Humanity, Lake Wylie Children’s Charity, Rideability, The Special Olympics and more.  We Offer fee marketing and advertising support for local fundraising events. If you have one coming up, let me know and we will promote it for you!  I have represented buyers and sellers in the Charlotte market, including Mecklenburg, York, Lancaster, Chester, Gastonia, Union, and Cherokee Counties for 16 years and am excited to announce the opening of the newest Robin King & Co. location in Boone/Blowing Rock NC! I fell in love with the NC mountains when my son attended Appalachian State University.  I purchased a home in Banner Elk in 2015 to be close to my son, his wife and my adorable grandson who calls me “Birdie”.  Some say it’s because of the “bird’s nest” of hair I usually have on the top of my head! I am beyond excited to expand our services to the High Country, including Blowing Rock, Boone, Banner Elk and surrounding areas.  I love what I do, listening to people's stories, finding where they want to be in their lives, helping them sell their homes and buy the homes and land of their dreams.  Each person I work with is a gift to me. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they walk into their first home, the joy of watching their families grow and move up to bigger homes, the relief of those downsizing in their later years, the delight of stomping through the hardwoods on a snowy day, watching children run through the  fields of Carolina wildflowers on their new piece of land, picking the perfect house site, picking the perfect builder, having them tell me their stories. I, along with my partners, Meade Wilson, Thomas Graner and Ashley Spurrier want to hear YOUR story so we can help you write the next chapter!


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