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Chester State Park

Chester South Carolina Real Estate

Chester, South Carolina,  known as the Pretty Little City on the Hill, is the seat of Chester County. It is located along Interstate 77, about 30 minutes from Charlotte and 45 minutes from Columbia.  Southern charm is abundant in Chester and residents welcome you to discover their lands, as seen in this invite from the Chester Chamber of Commerce:  “Chester County not only has beautiful scenery, but beautiful people who will welcome you with open arms.  Our Southern Hospitality has remained a constant part of our lives for generations, The charm of our people and our places will leave a lasting impact on you and your family.  Whether you live in small towns and communities like Chester, Great Falls, Lowrys, and Richburg, or if you prefer the expanse of a country farm, we have what you need in Chester County.  Come find out what we already know - Chester County is the best place in South Carolina to raise a family!

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